Sunday, May 26, 2013

BLACK RIDER! (And no, it's not Tom Waits.)

"Do Elves live in these woods," [Sam] asked.
"Not that I ever heard," said Pippin.

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The day started out fine. The road we're on isn't used much, as it's not fit for carts, and there's little traffic to the Woody End.

At this point the fellowship of Hobbits hears the distinct noise of a pony or horse behind them (some thought it might be Gandalf) and they leave the main road and hide. It was the Black Rider, sniffing for them, and fortunately Frodo didn't get a chance to slip on the Ring and turn invisible. And of course Sam only just then remembers the curious and queer fellow who was asking around about Frodo. (Really?)

So now we're off the road proper, and walking about a stone's throw to the left of the road. It's uneven ground, and at home all the rain has turned the dirt to mud, so we're moving slower than before.

Total Miles thus far:

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