Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breakfast! First or second, whichever.

Still trekking on the same path. Nothing much to see here.
'Cause it's dark.

Today's post is also inspired by LOTRO (which if you're a Tolkien fan and you're not playing, you should be. It is really one of the best MMORPGs out there, if only in terms of the beauty of the graphics and how faithful the game play and scenery is to the "real" Middle Earth.)

Another one of the first recipes cooks can learn is for the humble "Eggs and Onions" item, which gives you +3 might for 20 minutes. So I'm going to offer the real-life alternative for +200 calories for energy throughout the early morning. (Or whenever you need a quick snack!)

It's simple:
  1. Take 3 eggs and mix them together with 1/4 cup of onion and 1/4 cup of mushrooms. 
  2. Now scramble the mixture.
  3. Spice as desired (a little salt and pepper, tabasco, whatever)
  4. Enjoy. 

(I'd recommend making these eggs a little firmer than your typical runny scrambled eggs. When the mushrooms start to release their water, it thins out the mixture, so cook at a slightly higher heat to steam off the excess water.)

For the cholesterol-conscious, you can use any egg substitute. I personally don't see that it changes the taste much. And remember, breakfast foods don't "expire" after 11am. Scrambled eggs make a great teatime treat or midnight snack.

Now if you're still hungry after all this, it's probably getting close to Second Breakfast time! (Usually eaten between First Breakfast and Elevenses.) In the game, an interesting meal choice is called "Shire Porridge" which when eaten gives the player + 964 non-Combat Morale Regeeration and +1035 non-Combat Power Regeneration for 30 minutes. In non-gamer terms, this means you "fill up" faster.

Shire Porridge is described as a "simple porridge of oats and spices" but I noticed one of the ingredients is blueberries. Personally I've never eaten oatmeal with any fruit other than apple, but I found this recipe and I want to try it out:

Of course, a far easier version would be to make packaged oatmeal and just throw in some fresh blueberries, if you're feeling lazy.

Total Distance Thus Far:
25.78 miles

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