Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to Tookland!

Today's journey was long and picturesque. Following the hedgerows south and crossing the water on a plank bridge (oh my!) led us to the Great Road. This road was built by the elves ages and ages ago and connects the Shire to Rivendell, if the old maps can be trusted. Let's hope so, because that's where we're headed.

We crossed the Brandywine Bridge, originally called the Bridge of Stonebows, which is a massive bit of stone construction that's impressive even to this city girl. The hobbits have taken really good care of it over the years, and it shows. (To be accurate, that slow-moving river is really called the River Baranduin, but pretty much everybody in this area calls it the "Brandywine.")

And on to Tookland!

The green hills of Tookland. (Photo credit LOTRO Wiki)

It's a pretty place, but rather devoid of anything to do. We checked out Tuckborough, which was your typical small town. Personally I wish the Great Smials would have a Parade of Homes because I would really like to see inside those amazing holes.

I can't get over the smell of bears here. It's unnerving.

Total Distance So Far:
5.12 miles

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